Our Service Fees

As a family owned and operated business, we truly grasp the significance of safeguarding your family, employees, and customers while ensuring affordability.

Standard Assessment

$35000 flat rate
  • 3 Air Quality Samples
  • Moisture Detection
  • Visual Inspection (Inside & Outside of Property)
  • Detailed Mold Assessment Report
  • Mold Remediation Protocol Writeup

Additional Sampling Fees

$8500 per sample
  • For Each Additional Air Quality Sample
  • For Each Additional Culturable Swab Sample
  • For Each Additional Tape Lift Sample

VOC & MVOC Testing

$50000 flat rate
  • 1 VOC/MVOC Sample
  • Full Property Moisture Inspection
  • Third Party Lab Results
  • Detailed VOC/MVOC Report
  • Remediation Protocol Writeup (if applicable)

Moisture Detection

$12500 flat rate
  • Full Property Moisture Detection

Inspection Done Right

Inspection Done Right

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