Mold Assessment

At Mold Inspectors USA, we believe in the all-inclusive approach. This means that even if you have an isolated area of concern, we are going to do a thorough inspection of the whole property, inside and out. We use a combination of thermal imaging, moisture meters, Air quality samples, tape lifts and swabs to determine if there is a mold problem anywhere in the property and where the problem came from.

The inspection (in most cases) includes two indoor air quality tests and one outdoor (as a baseline). If the home requires further testing (based on square footage), that would be decided during the quote.

At the end of the assessment, we will send the test samples collected during the assessment to a third-party laboratory for analysis, (takes 1-3 business days). Once the lab results are in, you will receive a full detailed write-up of the findings. This includes a full remediation protocol, test results, photo/video evidence, recommendations, and maintenance for prevention of mold (if applicable).

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