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Moisture Detection

At Mold Inspectors USA, our team possesses extensive training in identifying moisture intrusions within structures. We are well-versed in the methods, locations, and significance of locating moisture. Detecting moisture plays a crucial role in mold inspections because mold requires moisture to thrive. Therefore, if you are seeking hidden mold, our focus is on tracing the source of moisture.

To accomplish this, we employ highly sensitive moisture detection equipment. Our arsenal includes a Hygrometer, a versatile device capable of measuring the moisture content of various materials. It assesses Relative Humidity and temperature, providing us with a comprehensive understanding of the internal conditions within a structure. Additionally, we utilize a cutting-edge thermal imaging camera called a FLIR. This remarkable technology enables us to scan the entire structure, identifying distinctive indicators of moisture intrusion. By detecting temperature fluctuations, the FLIR camera unveils cold spots within walls that may be concealing hidden mold colonies.

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